Track Premiere: Croatoan – ‘Bloodgutter’

Croatoan are calling for unity on “Bloodgutter,” a blistering combination of groove, thrash and speed metal. 

Vocalist Emil Poss gives a throat-shredding vocal performance over aggressive riffs and pounding drums. 

“With the way the riffs drive and the weight of Will’s drumming behind them, I knew whatever lyrics I wrote for this track would have to be equally as potent,” he says. “I decided to stay within the political theme of the record and wrote these lyrics as a rally cry for unity, to stop allowing our masters to divide and conquer us.  To stop the manipulation that keeps us fighting with ourselves instead of turning our eyes to our real enemy- the corporate/government machine that enslaves us all.” 

“This was one of the last few tracks written for the new record,” guitarist Max Redding confirms. “It really just started as Saturday morning jam between myself and Will (our drummer) and by that same afternoon we realized we had something potentially anthemic on our hands.  Charlie stepped in with his bass lines, we hammered out the arrangement, Emil put pen to paper and did what he does best and we were off and running.  Definitely one of our favorites off of Blind Nation and the kids really seem to respond to it at shows.”

Blind Nation is Croatoan’s first album, and can be purchased here