Full EP Stream: Snares of Sixes – ‘Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass’

Formed in a period of downtime when he was with now-defunct band Agalloch, bassist Jason Walton began experimenting with abrasive material that would push on the current boundaries of what is considered metal. 

So was born Snares of SixesYeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass, an ambitious genre-blending work. Harsh electronic, progressive rock, black metal, ambient sounds and more exist at once, creating an album that is unpredictable and most certainly unique. 

Yeast Mother scratched an insidious and pervasive itch for me,” Walton explains. “In many ways this is an album I have been striving to make since my high school years.  Once I fell in love with challenging and confounding music, I have created many vehicles to try to replicate the feeling of awe this form of music inspired in me.  Especially Likely Sloth, Nothing and Self Spiller were all created to satisfy this craving.  With Yeast Mother, I believe I have finally reached that goal.”

Crucial Blast will release Yeast Mother on May 5. You can preorder it here.