Track Premiere: Endon – ‘Born in Limbo’

Notorious, self-described “catastrophic noise metal” machine Endon have earned their reputation over the last decade for their brand of caustic, punishing noise/metal pairing. 

Endon have found a fitting home for their forthcoming record, Through The Mirror, on well-known experimental label Hydra Head Records. As the label and band prepare for an early June release of Through The Mirror, Decibel is streaming “Born in Limbo” from the new album below. 

Bright, robotic electronics battle with screamed vocals and dissonant, grinding instruments. 

Label founder Aaron Turner also commented about the release of Through the Mirror being part of Hydra Head’s “relaunch:”

“Working with Endon was a must for me. Whether by releasing the tapes on SIGE, touring together, reissuing MAMA on vinyl via Hydra Head or working together on this new album in a more focused/dedicated fashion. Endon represents everything I’ve ever wanted the label to be: forward-thinking, provocative, inventive and emotional. Though their delivery is in some ways primal and impulsive, they are very intentional in the way they go about their art – there is nothing random or confused about what they’re doing. This is music that needs to be heard and I wanted Hydra Head to be the vehicle for dissemination because I feel so strongly about it. 

As far as this Endon album and the new Oxbow being part of a ‘relaunch’ of Hydra Head, that is only partially accurate. These two releases represent an experiment – if the label can handle doing a small number of new titles and everything that entails and I feel good about the way it’s all going, I may attempt one or two more before the year is out. There is no certainty about the future of the label – at least as far as the long term is concerned. I love the label, I love the artists we work with and it would be very hard for me to let go of it completely. It’s also been a major struggle to keep it going and find a balance between the energy devoted to it and the rewards reaped from that level of devotion. One day at a time is how I am approaching it at the moment – and right now I feel very excited about Endon and Oxbow. Everything beyond that is still up in the air.”

Through the Mirror is out on June 2. Preorder it here.