Track Premiere: Hideous Divinity – ‘Sub Specie Aeternitatis’

Sometimes music awakens something inside the listener. A feeling, however fleeting, that the listener is in tune with nature and even something greater than that. That moment and that feeling is what brutal death metal outfit Hideous Divinity pay tribute to on new song “Sub Specie Aeternitatis.” 

“Sometimes when you write music, or when you listen to music… hell, even when you just breathe music, you’re blessed with a feeling that may last just a couple of seconds,” Hideous Divinity tell Decibel. “The feeling that Baruch Spinoza would have called a view from the perspective of the eternal, in Latin ‘Sub Specie Aeternitatis.’  Like our Angelus Novus, becoming at one with God and experiencing the truth of what’s first for nature. The nature speaks to the poet, and the poet becomes historian. Here’s an ode to to the poet, to the world and its remains. Here’s another violent reflection on art. Using the only language Hideous Divinity knows.”

Hear the entire album’s worth of Hideous Divinity’s reflections when Adveniens comes out on Unique Leader on April 28. You can preorder it here.