Video Premiere: Noise cult members Brown Angel Want you to “See That I am Scourged”

People on social media nowadays are all “Oh, the world is so terrible I think we earned this,” and then they post like a dog in a bunny suit or a couple babies battle-rapping or something. And that’s cool, but the guys from post-noise trio Brown Angel would rather try and make your day a little bit worse with the video for “See That I am Scourged.” 

This melange of perverse nature shots mixed with live footage of the Pittsburgh band performing in David Lynch’s dining room, all cut together with a skittish, smeary style that goes well with the piercing and mechanical auditory hallucinations of the music. 

It’s similar to watching that TV show Planet Earth if it was made by people who absolutely fucking hated the Earth. 

Enjoy the video, and go to their Bandcamp to check out the rest of their third full-length Shoutout, or just straight-up buy it from label Sleeping Giant Glossolalia