Track Premiere: All Hell – ‘I Am The Mist’

Blackened thrashers All Hell are nothing if not prolific. Having already released two LPs since 2014, the trio are primed to make that three. On “I Am The Mist,” All Hell blast out searing riffs and throat-shredding vocals as they slowly approach the release of The Grave Alchemist, their third full-length. 

“I Am The Mist” is driven by catchy riffs and vocal patterns. Toward the end of the song, All Hell slow it down, strongly calling upon their black metal influences before ending in a flurry of activity. 

“The closing track of The Grave Alchemist, ‘I Am The Mist’ is inspired by the dread inherent in the power of nature and within our own personal histories,” guitarist/vocalist Jacob Curwen says. Conceptually, it represents the ascension of the Alchemist and his integration with nature and the collective unconscious. We felt it fitting to end the album in a way that closed the events of the narrative while simultaneously widening the scope and relevance of the album’s central theme.”

The Grave Alchemist is due out April 14 on Prosthetic. You can preorder it now.