Video Premiere: Kampfar – ‘Mylder’

Norwegian black metal group Kampfar have an important and influential history in the genre, with a number of quality releases leading up to 2015’s Profan. For their new video, which you can stream below, Kampar reached further back in their discography, to “Mylder” from 2014’s Djevelmakt

The video looks high-budget and well-directed, something Kampfar was aiming for when they made the video. 

“We never managed to promote this album as well as the latter one, mainly because of complications when putting together tours, and when we so quickly went in and wrote and recorded Profan, the just as fabulous Djevelmakt did not get its fair share of attention,” Kampfar comment. “Seeing as this song is a mainstay in our live set, a statement of everything that Kampfar represents as one of the leaders of Norwegian Black Metal in this age, we felt the need to visualize it and create something unique in this time of low budget music videos.”

You can purchase Kampfar’s most recent LP, Profan, here. You can purchase Djevelmakt here.