Track Premiere: Ruin deliver “Rancid Death”

Ruin released their first demo, Sickening Ruin, over a quarter-century ago in 1991. Then, within a year’s time, due to the incarceration and institutionalization of some of its members, not to mention alleged cult activity, Ruin dissolved back into the darkness from whence they came. And in obscurity they remained until the release of their second demo, Spread Plague Hell, in 2015. If you haven’t yet, listen to Spread Plague Hell. Last year they released splits with Ghoulgotha, and Texas-based blasphemers Thy Feeble Savior. Earlier this year they put out one of their best songs to date on a split with Violation Wound.

Filthy and dirge-wracked as ever, the Californian trio known as Ruin play death metal absolutely ignorant to all trends and expectations. Instead they wield their death metal like they’ve been dying to do so for years, and have only become stronger, meaner, and more depraved in the waiting. And, finally, their full length is ready . . .

“The Ruin Cult has many hallucination rituals that we partake in,” explains Mihail, Ruin’s guitarist/vocalist. “Consuming the special concoctions that are made for these events brings forth hymnals like ‘Rancid Death.’ Many of our ‘topics’ come from our hallucinations of death, murder, and destruction. The specific topic contained here is the complete and utter destruction of all living creatures on the planet earth. Total Death! Full annihilation and devastation! The End! ‘Rancid Death’ was picked for public consumption due to the way it contains tempo changes that represent the full atmosphere of the attack, and gives those who have not heard Ruin prior to this track the chance to get an idea of the suffocating darkness that we are trying to spread through death metal terror.”

Get Drown in Blood April 27th from Memento Mori.