Track Premiere: Apostate Viaticum praise “Moloch the Sanguinary”

Apostate Viaticum may be a brand new band, but they count among their ranks veterans of the Irish metal scene. That’s probably why their record sounds like it was recorded these days, but written back in the 90s instead of the other way around, like many records lately put out by young bands.

On Before the Gates of Gomorrah, Apostate Viaticum’s debut full length, the band seems only interested in making the absolute heaviest riffs they can. Imagine if Immolation’s blasphemously creative riffing style had been beaten down, day after day, by some cruel headmistress at a Catholic school. The result would be something closer to Incantation, e.g. uglier, more hateful, but neither band Immolation or Incantation can accurately compare. For one thing, Apostate Viaticum’s riffs are in and of themselves strange and wildly ingenious. Being total veterans, they get the most out of every riff, without playing anything to death. Not to mention those raspy personifications of an armageddon clarion that are the vocals. Maybe the vocals will strike you as odd at first because maybe you never really got into Profanatica or Acheron (especially Lex Talionis-era), but trust us: They’re sick. While totally fitting in among Invictus’ fresh pantheon, alongside the likes of early Bölzer, ZOM, Possession, Apostate Viaticum bring something different to that tableau: Experience.

That said, we’re psyched to bring you what is, arguably, the heaviest track from Apostate Viaticum’s debut, “Moloch the Sanguinary.”

“Moloch was one of the so-called false gods spurned by the Christian God in the Old Testament, in Leviticus,” explains the band. “A fire god of child sacrifice—children would be passed unto him through a fire sacrifice by their parents. Moloch The Sanguinary tells the story of this blood-thirsty deity and his hunger for the lives of the children of men. Typical death metal fare you might say!”

Get Before the Gates of Gomorrah March 13th from Invictus Productions.