Joy Premiere Unhinged Video For ‘Cut To The Nerve’

Blood & Ink Records signed hardcore group Joy after they’d been a band for less than a year. Upon listening to their Blood & Ink debut, 2016’s Of Nothing, it’s immediately obvious why: Of Nothing is uncaged blackened hardcore steeped in pure anger.

Joy put together a music video for one song off Of Nothing, “Cut to the Nerve,” which we bring you today. The video is filmed and edited to look like a VHS tape, similar to their previous music video for “Switchblade Teeth.” 

The chaos of the video mirrors the grinding chaos of the song, and you’ll probably be more confused at the end of the video than you were at the beginning, but it works. 

“We like to have as much say as possible when it comes to the creative aspects of the band,” vocalist Andrew Langhans says. “For this video, wanted to make something chaotic and almost painful to watch. Trying to capture the feeling of hate in a visible form, or maybe what intense anger looks like in your mind.”

Of Nothing is receiving its first vinyl pressing through Blood & Ink. More info about preorders can be found here.

Upcoming JOY live dates:
3/24 Athens, AL @ El Opry
3/25 Houston, TX @ The White Swan
3/27 Oklahoma City, OK @ Earth Rebirth
3/28 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
3/29 Milwaukee, WI @ Triple Zero
3/30 Lansing, IL @ Royal Skate and Sound