Track Premiere: Weltesser – “Living To Try”

Crushing, sludgy doom is what Weltesser brought to the table on their 2015 demo tape. Late last year brought the announcement that the band was signing with Prosthetic Records to release their debut album, Crestfallen.

“Living to Try” appeared on the demo, but will also make its way onto the album, still coming hard and slow. The song bears a noisier intro, but the same riffs are present with a new, more direct heaviness, dragging with them a great weight like they pulled themselves from molasses.

The metallic doom bears the same feeling as acts like Primitive Man and Jucifer, who Weltesser have shared the stage with.

“‘Living to Try’ is written directly about depression,” vocalist/guitarist Nate Peterson says. “This album is loosely themed off of growing up around the groups of people who affected our lives and forced the emotions that came to this album. This was the technical start to Weltesser. The opening riff was the first thing Nate and Ian wrote for the band. The lyrics being about trying to get through life with no real connections with anyone. There was a point when I spent 4 months and 12 days without talking to anyone. Minus the going into work routine, which was really just a vague hello. Trying to work with depression without an outlet is difficult. Music helped, but it was still a hard time. This was pretty much the lowest point in my life. We can all happily say we are at a high point currently. This song was the start, and we feel we needed it on the album.”

Crestfallen is due out through Prosthetic Records on February 10. Preorders for the album are available through Bandcamp.