Track Premiere: Nightbringer – “Serpent Sun”

Nightbringer, the Colorado-based black metal outfit, have always drawn commentary about their sound. Though they are a US group, their music has more in common with Nightbringer’s European counterparts than those stateside. 

Regardless of what region their sound is reminiscent of, Nightbringer has been well-received as they continue to hone their brand of occult and atmospheric black metal. Their third release on Season of Mist and fifth full-length altogether promises to be continue the trend if “Serpent Sun” can be used as a predictor. 

“Serpent Sun” weaves tremolo-picked melodies throughout blast beats and dramatic drumming backed by walls of distorted guitar. Though it falls on the lengthy side, Nightbringer mixes in a dose of aggression during the last minute of “Serpent Sun,” ending on a memorable note. 

“May this stand as a simulacrum of the eternal light of divinity, reflected and refracted through the smaragdine gem fallen from heaven and buried in the burning depths of the earth where it smolders with the darkest light,” the band says. “From the Low House of Black Apollo logoi resounds from the heart of the world, is answered in the heavens by the trumpeting angels of apocalypse, the clarion of an aeon’s end. The eight tracks presented here are eight aspects of a sorcerous path that shines like dreadful starlight in the long night of the close of the Kali Yuga.”

Season of Mist is slated to release Terra Damnata on April 14.