We All Fall Silent: Exclusive premiere of Plague (Swe) – Silenced by Death 7″

In mid-October of last year, Brooklyn-based label Stygian Black Hand announced they would release the debut 7” from Sweden’s Plague, a new band sharing members with Nominon, Entrails, Eviscerated, and more. Side A, the title track, of Silenced by Death has been streaming on Stygian Black Hand’s Bandcamp ever since. I’m betting that you haven’t heard it yet, so let me fill you in: “Silenced by Death” opens with a series of snare roll fills that’ll blast you wide open, a ripping and noisy solo like the beheading of a banshee, and a high-pitched wail a la Tom Araya at the beginning of “Angel of Death,” the middle of “Kill Again,” etc. And that’s just the beginning of the track. What follows is pure death metal insanity. At one point—02:43 to be precise—Plague’s vocalist hocks a loogie and (presumably) spits it out onto the floor of the studio. Spread the sickness!

Now that’s Side A. Today we bring you “Satan’s Sermon,” side B of Silenced by Death. Darker and more devastating than its other half, “Satan’s Sermon” is more stomp than gallop, more of an inescapable avalanche than a raid. It is the killing blow to your skull delivered by the morningstar. Blood red becomes endless black night. While both tracks are full of promise and totally satisfying in and of themselves, you’ll no doubt find yourself listening to them again and again, and only getting hungrier for more with each listen. Doubt us? Hear for yourselves then.

But first here’s what Plague themselves have to say:

Spread the plague, cum on the altar and fuck the internet. Only bärs is real. Fuck off, you bellend wankers!!!

Lovely! Here’s “Silenced by Death” b/w “Satan’s Sermon!” Get Plague’s debut 7” single from Stygian Black Hand next Monday, January 16th!