Track Premiere: Western Addiction – ‘Masscult, Vulgarians and Entitlement’

Fat Wreck punk rockers Western Addiction aren’t new to recording and releasing music. In fact, the band’s first full-length album, Cognicide, came out in 2005 following a 7” and a split with New Mexican Disaster Squad. 

After a seven year hiatus, Western Addiction returned to release two EPs, but a second album has been absent from their catalogue, until now. Western Addiction will release Tremulous in early March, but the first single is out today. 

“Masscult, Vulgarians and Entitlement” strikes with the infectious energy Cognicide did. The song is straightforward punk rock with few frills, catchy enough that it begs to be played live. 

Of the lyrical content, guitarist and vocalist Jason Hall says, “The song is partly about how people are able to walk through life and ignore all the terrible things that are happening in the world. I spend each day feeling empathy and guilt for not doing more but I also use these feelings as a reminder to keep trying and to help others.  It is also about the despair I feel towards the world, the political climate, the current state of our hometown and mass culture in general.”

Tremulous will hit the streets through Fat Wreck Chords on March 10.