Track Premiere: Get exposed to Tomb Mold’s “Merciless Watcher”

Tomb Mold gets a lot of love around these parts. What can we say? We’ve got a soft spot for preternaturally god-tier death metal. Last year we featured their demo, The Bottomless Perdition, on one of our first installments of our Demo:listen column; we interviewed Derrick Vella (guitars/bass) and Max Klebanoff (drums/vocals) after the release of their second demo.

At some point in-between their two tape releases, these morbid fellows sent us their debut full length, Primordial Malginity, expecting us to keep mum about how mind-bogglingly incredible it is. This was achieved, but with great difficulty. Just imagine jamming one of your favorite records of the year and not being able to share it with your friends, or even mention it—let alone list it—on your year-end list. So it’s with no small amount of relief then that we’re finally able to share with you this exclusive premiere of “Merciless Watcher,” the fifth track from Primordial Malignity.

But first, here’s what the band has to say about this song:

This track opens up the second side of the LP. It’s one of the longer and slower songs on the record, and provides a brief change of pace. An easy one to bang your head to. The song itself deals with themes of the unknown, where the actual subject matter details being forced into another dimension. It definitely has that Finnish vibe that was found on the first demo. It quickly became a favourite of the band.

Primordial Malignity comes out February 3rd on Blood Harvest, but pre-orders are up now so get on it.