STREAMING: Shaarimoth “Faceless Queen of Bloodstained Dreams”

Death metal’s proverbial rabbit hole is infinitely deep. In the darkest recesses, there’s godliness and muck. Finding godliness in the morass can be a daunting, if life-affirming task (the sudden realization that there’s better things to do than listen to sub-standard death metal can be an epiphany). On the surface, Norwegians Shaarimoth don’t offer much. The name, which is either inspired by or derived from Sumerian/Mesopotamian mythology, is slightly fruity. It doesn’t conjure up images of what Marduk did to Tiamat all those aeons ago. It doesn’t tell of the horrors Ninurta did to fish-boiling monstrosity, Asag. And the name Shaarimoth certainly doesn’t reveal the 60 diseases Namtar inflicted on Ishtar after her ascent from the Underworld.

Needless to say, Shaarimoth, the band, rules quite hard. Nestled in Røyken, the terrible trio known as R, F, and J have created a veritable beast of beasts with new album, Temple of the Adversarial Fire (W.T.C. Productions). Inspired by classic Morbid Angel, just-out-of-black-metal Behemoth, and others who deal in the iniquitous currency of death, destruction, and chaos, Shaarimoth’s second full-length is one of the best releases of next year. So far. It’s a coiling snake, ready to strike. Its venom instantly deadly and its fangs razor sharp.

So, do what you must on this malign Monday of Mondays. But if we suggest one thing to do today, it’s listen to Shaarimoth’s excellent metal of death in “Faceless Queen of Bloodstained Dreams”. We’ve already bowed to our new god. Now, it’s your turn.

** Shaarimoth’s new album, , is out January 13th, 2017 on W.T.C. Productions. The pre-order for said platter of purtenance isn’t available just yet, but check out the label’s Facebook page (HERE) for future ordering information.