Track Premiere: Replacire – ‘Do Not Deviate’

Replacire are a technical death metal band that know how to strike a firm balance: on top of the instrumental wizardry that undoubtedly comes with the musical territory, the Boston outfit blends chunky grooves and memorable clean vocals into the mix. “Do Not Deviate,” the title track for the band’s upcoming record, sees the band nail the balance once again. 

Press play to be assailed by distorted riffing and harsh vocals that give way to cleaner, floating singing. Before you can even blink, chaotic leads have stolen your attention only to devolve into hefty breakdowns. 

At their most complex, Replacire is reminiscent of Dying Fetus. The fancy fretwork on “Do Not Deviate” is used to the band’s advantage, a complement to the heavy riffs and clean vocals. 

Do Not Deviate will see the light of day on March 17 through Season of Mist. There’s a preorder now if you’ll be too busy celebrating to pick up the album that day.