Video Premiere: Yeti On Horseback’s “Tree of Death”

I’m surprised more bands like Yeti On Horseback don’t call London, Ontario home. Not only does “The Forest City” have lots of surrounding woodland for aspiring miserablists to run around in while listening to Sleep, Electric Wizard and Yob and getting in touch with their inner pagan doomlord, the city has worked to shuck its staid, backwoods, provincial preconceptions over the last few years. The result is that London has become a cool little hamlet for burnouts-to-be to escape the trappings of the big city without actually moving into a rustic shack in the middle of nowhere. As well, the city is smack dead in the ass-eye of what we Ontarians refer to as the “snowbelt.” Your humble narrator lives on the edge of said region and has dreaded every winter since moving here fourteen years ago. To live in the middle of a region that gets ridiculous piles of blowing snow for half a year and suffers through the sort of humidity that makes your testicular enclosure device adhere itself to your inner thigh the other half is a recipe for anger, dismay and frustration. Combine this with London’s long-standing designation as a college/university town, which means your existence (not to mention any peace and quiet) gets buffered up against countless frat/sorority/’The Weekend Starts on Thursday!’ vomit nozzles and it’s no surprise that a local stoner/doom band like Yeti On Horseback sounds like it’s ready to turn the Earth inside-out.

A few months back, Yeti On Horseback released their full-length debut, The Great Dying on a label called Medusa Crush. It’s an album whose six tracks pay particular allegiance to the motto “tune low, play slow.” What we have on offer for y’all this morning is the band’s new, Dave Hall-directed video (which automatically means it’s going to be six shades of insane!) for lead-off track “Tree of Death.” Video follows quotes from the band and director.

Says vocalist/guitarist Ryan Pelkey: “David Hall is easily one of the most talented film makers around right now. For us to be part of the roster that he has done music videos for is an honour. He nailed visually what we wrote sonically. The video is truly piece of art and a depiction of life and death realized in a matter of ten minutes.”

Says David Hall: “I really dig this song. I thought the chorus said “baller” instead of “father” for a long time and I thought it was cool they used the word baller. So, when Ryan asked me to make a video for the song I was pretty happy to do it. We filmed most of it in my garage. I broke out my old Commodore 64 and hacked a copy of After Effects onto it and made the graphics. I think the video is about how if you’re alive today [it’s like] you are standing on the shoulders of thousands of your dead relatives. I almost died making this video. At one point when I was filming in my garage I passed out and woke up covered in beer and bong water and all the candles I had set up had been knocked over, but luckily they landed in a puddle of my urine and didn’t burn my tits off. Enjoy.”

For more info, contact the band via Bandcamp and Facebook and avoid London in the winter by checking out a bunch of their live stuff on their YouTube channel.