Track Premiere: Soothsayer – ‘Of Locust And Moths’

It’s hard to describe Soothsayer’s sound as anything but massive. The Irish doom entity is drawing near to the release of their new EP, At This Great Depth, having developed a sound that is both otherworldly and immediately crushing. 

“Of Locust And Moths” nails that sound, beginning in a mournful tone before transitioning to flattening doom heaviness. Before it’s even had time to sink in, Soothsayer has turned to blast beats and harsh, blackened vocals. 

Soothsayer’s efforts on “Of Locust And Moths” yield a brand of doom that remains aggressive and isn’t afraid to pick up speed despite its great, atmospheric weight. 

Transcending Obscurity is slated to release At This Great Depth on December 30. Preorders can be found here.