I saw on where else, Sunday Night Football, this week, THE DOPEST FOOTBALL GAME. KC in Denver.

Major props to KC for heading in to Denver and getting the win. Justin Houston, in his return from injury, played the best game I’ve seen a Defensive player play since Von Miller last year in the Superbowl. 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and ten tackles.

Now this game went in to overtime. There’s fifteen minutes on the clock, and the teams go at it with a back and forth. Each team took home a field goal, before hitting a wall with scoring. It’s at this point that I dosed off after feeling the effects of the warm wine, or glug, i was drinking all day. I woke up five minutes later to find Denver around mid field. They couldn’t convert on a big fourth down play, which would have put them in field goal range. Then Gary Kubiac, no relation to this man

Brandon McManus attempted a field goal from 63 yards out. It was wide, and Denver gave the ball back to KC with just under 2 minutes left on the clock, resulting in a bank shot field goal from Cairo Santos.

Based on the odds of making the kick, Kubiack should have probably punted and played for the tie. An interesting concept we’ve never seen in the NFL. Playing NOT to win the game.

This is a dangerous result for the Denver Broncos, who with three weeks left in the regular season find themselves in third place in their division and potentially needing a tie breaker with a team like the Miami Dolphins somewhere down the line.

This is a lesson for NFL coaches. Know when to hold em and know when to fold them, Kub.

Robbed at Gronkpoint

In week two of the football season, my girlfriend dropped Rob Gronkowski from her fantasy football team. She did so accidentally. When she called me in a panic asking what she should doI said, “Email everyone in your league asking them nicely not to pick him up, so you can repick him up?” I never followed up what happened in this story.

But alas, Gronk is injured, out for the season, and can no longer help you fantasy wise. This is extremely fucked up for not only the fantasy owners of America (who cares?) but the Pats. But, also in the process collectively sends ripples of hope throughout the league.

First for the AFC:

It’s WIDE OPEN now. There is no favorite, and To quote my least favorite chicago sports journalist, Sarah Spain, “Whoever has a chance, has a REAL chance.”

The Steelers, with a barely .500 record, are the neck and neck favorite now with the Pats and the up-in-coming Raiders. If i were the Chiefs, I’d be salivating right now! This could actually be their year to sneak in to the SB. They are on par with every team in front of them, including the Gronkless Pats. They have the best D/Clock control combo in the AFC, and the second best coach in the AFC.

As for the NFC:

The two clear cut favorites are Seattle and the Cowboys, and ultimately I feel they will clash in the NFC championship. Obviously look out for the Giants though, who everyone always forget about, to go on the road, and eventually upset someone or something.

One man is on the hot seat now: big mouthed #2 TE Marteleus Bennet. The Pats traded for him with my bears. He verbally destroyed the Bears on his way out because he didnt get the ball enough. Now overnight he’s become the Pat’s number one receiver. Enjoy your balls, MB.

A Dome Within A Dome

Did anyone else notice something extremely interesting on Thanksgiving this year?

The late game was a Indianapolis Colts home game.


Morning game: Detroit Lions. Blue jerseys. Dome stadium.

Afternoon game: Dallas Cowboys. Blue Jerseys. Dome Stadium.

Late game: Indianapolis Colts. Blue Jerseys. Dome Stadium.

They’ve finally figured it out! All the Blue Jersey teams in domes have to play on Thanksgiving. That’s what the pilgrims wanted. Hey, it’s either the Colts or the Toronto Blue Jays. And their from Canada, which doesnt celebrate thanksgiving, ‘t I’ll take the Colts, I guess. Wait. Nah, I’ll take the Blue Jays.

Cut the Chord
With a season ending shoulder injury and surgery looming, we have officially seen the last of Jay Cutler in this lovely 2016 season. Why is this significant? Because it more than likely spells the end of the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler years.

All these years later, I guess I still back this trade. Actually, I’d argue it was the most signicant trade in the last decade for the NFL. First off, the trade lead to a Broncos Super Bowl victory, and here’s how: Kyle Orton became the quarterback of the Broncos. The City of Denver revolted against then HC Josh McDaniels, for initiating such a trade. He is soon run out of Denver, eventually landing in New England again, sparking the second run for the NE dynasty.

Meanwhile, in Denver, they experiment with Tim Tebow, forcing them to raise their defensive game to make up for playing with a small armed QB. Peyton Manning is eventually brought in, who is the missing piece of the whole thing. Their best year with Manning was the year they smoked everyone in the league, only to get destroyed by Seattle in the Super Bowl. But the team evolved, learning how to play with a Manning organically declining in talent. Drawing experience from a previous Super Bowl loss, the beat Seattle’s little brother, Carolina, with ease.

And Peyton rides off in to the sunset with his Superbowl 50 championship. All because of Jay Cutler. Make no mistake, Cutler’s big arm would have kept him as the Broncos quarterback to around this time. His stats would have been better as a Bronco, and his would have been groomed better by the likes of John Elway and a consistent OC the Bears never gave Cutler throughout his tenure.

Meanwhile the Bears got an NFC championship birth out of Cutler. Not bad. It’s something. They were beaten by the Packers on their way to their championship win. An awesome game that ended with Cutler taring his ankle in the second half and taking a seat. His critisim in Chicago never subsided. Never once, since this game.

The next move for the bears: drafting a QB in this years draft, firing Coach John Fox, and taking a leap of faith with a new QB and new Coach.

Take my word for it: the Bears pipe dream is for Packers coach Mike McCarthy to get fired on esserntially his only off year as a coach, and him to spearhead the drafting of traditional, west coast offense QB.

So will begin the Bears next regime; a bet hedging, back to basics team aknowledging that the first thing they need to do is beat the Packers, and everything good will come from there.

Being A Dick

Amazing story out of LA this week. Apparently, the LA Rams have a problem. No, it’s not their 4-7 record. No, it’s not their lack luster #1 pick in Jared Goff. It’s Eric Dickerson, the Hall of Fame Running Back and Ram’s go to franchise cornerstone . We all know every team has to have a cornerstone figure that the fans can look at as the father figure of the franchise. With the Bears, it’s Mike Ditka. With the Packers, Bret Favre, and so on. The Rams had one in Marshall Faulk when in St. Louis. But upon moving back to LA, it was Dickerson’s throne to reclaim. And he did it well.

Problem: He has personally banned himself from attending any of the games indefinitely. Why, you ask? He fucking hates Head Coach Jeff Fisher. It started harmlessly; Dickerson on his local sports LA radio show criticizing Fischer and his staff. Fisher, who has hated Dickerson ever since he had to shut him down in the 85 Championship game as a member of the Chicago Bears defensive coaching staff, called up Dickerson and essentially told him to stop talking crap. Dickerson said that he respected his opinion, and told him that, but has drawn a line: As long as Jeff Fisher’s the head coach of the Rams, he will not attend any Rams games.

It’s cool cuz either this will result in Fisher getting fired as head Coach of the Rams to appease a player who has nothing to do with the franchise anymore, OR the Rams will have to start worshiping their second best player in history, Tom Fears, a TE who played in the 50’s and has been dead for 16 years. Cool jersey name, though.