December 2016 Decibel Meter: Classic Names, New Titles

In April we announced our partnership with f.y.e for the Decibel Meter, a monthly collection of titles featured both online and in store to up the decibels on your metal collection. November’s picks are for our Phil Anselmo issue, wherein he speaks on the new Superjoint album, Dimebash, and moving forward. The December list includes a lot of seriously heavy-hitters, so if you missed any of these in your Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday gluttony, click here to fill those gaps in your collection.

We know you’ve got more than a few (dozen) old school Swedish death metal CDs in your collection, but for anyone missing Clandestine, the classic, essential, must-have death metal masterpiece, now is the time to remedy that (and we promise we won’t tell your friends it took you until 2016 to buy it). Entombed isn’t the only classic band represented, with new titles from two of Gothenburg’s finest, In Flames and Dark Tranquility. Umeå is represented as well, with Meshuggah’s The Violent Sleep of Reason. And, of course, with mention of Swedish death metal, we can’t forget to mention Norwegian black metal pioneers Darkthrone with Arctic Thunder.

The North American side of the pond makes its presence known with new titles from a very mathy perspective with Ulcerate’s Shrines of Paralysis, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s final album Dissociation, and prog physicists Watchtower’s Concepts of Math: Book One. If you’re in need of tracks to complete a snake-themed playlist (come on, we’ve all got weirder ones), new albums from Crowbar (The Serpent Only Lies) and Testament (Brotherhood of the Snake) are essential.

Hence, for any headbanger who missed any of these new titles from classic names, head straight to the nearest f.y.e location to grab these titles (plus more, not to exclude Red Fang or Anciients!) in person, or over to this month’s Decibel Meter page at f.y.e.’s website.