Advance Stream: Agathocles/G.O.D. Split CD

What’s that you say? 2016 saw Belgium’s Agathocles only issue ten releases? Hmm, someone in the band must’ve gone on holiday or been in the hospital or something. As it turns out, the mincecore masters of release overkill are already working on next year’s volley of splits, albums and EPs and today we present an advance stream of their forthcoming split with Canada’s G.O.D. (Grotesque Organ Defilement) for Polish grind super-label, EveryDayHate Records.

If there actually is a point at which a band’s discography and release schedule can border on the ridiculous, Agathocles already recycled the finest Belgium IPAs over that line in the sand years ago. How insane have things become? Well, in the period it took Metallica to follow up Death Magnetic with Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, the recording rapscallions from Antwerp made 172 releases available to the public. Now, with this split, a fresh count of how much material the Belgians can crank out before Lars and Co. become sexagenarians and/or record another one can start anew. Prediction: After Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un transform the planet into a nuclear wasteland, the result of their attempts to show the other is the one with the stubbier fingers, the only thing that’s going to survive are cockroaches and Agathocles’s recording schedule.




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