Track Premiere: Nidingr – ‘Surtr’

Nidingr have a long history that speaks for itself across a discography of intense, technical and challenging works. The Norse crew will release their fourth full-length, The High Heat Licks Against Heaven, in the cold of February but you can warm yourself with a new song now.

By the ten second mark of “Surtr,” it’s clear that Nidingr lost none of their intensity since 2012’s Greatest of Deceivers. Breakneck blast beats and aggressive vocals explode from the speakers upon pressing play. After two explosive minutes, there are ten calm seconds before the second wave. If this didn’t give away Nidingr’s dedication to crafting an intense work, Telloch can explain further.

“For Nidingr, making an album is a very personal and honest thing that takes a toll on everyone involved,” he says. “We must be true to an idea and execute it. We do not fuck around.”

Give “Surtr” a listen now, then read more on The High Heat Licks Against Heaven.

“The goal was to simplify things without losing quality and still keep the elements that Nidingr is known for, which is a challenge by itself,” Telloch says. “The High Heat Licks Against Heaven is more raw and ‘in your face,’ emphasizing the blistering speed and heaviness, which makes it even more extreme. The 7 string guitar is still a big part of the Nidingr sound, as it has been since the first full album in 2005. As always this is the best Nidingr album to date.”

The High Heat Licks Against Heaven is due out through Season of Mist on February 10. Preorders are available now.