Track Premiere: Insulters deploy “Bastard Soldiers”

Since their 2008 demo, Insulters have mixed their brand of indecent black-thrash with some late 80s-style death metal and a couple shots of crude d-beat to give their raucous sound that caustic, but irresistible burn. They perfected this concoction with 2013’s We Are the Plague, but now return with an album so dangerously strong it’s become evident that they’re not just here to party and raise hell. They’re out for blood and souls.

Mixed & mastered by Javi Felez (of Graveyard [Spain] and Körgull the Exterminator), Insulter’s second album, Metal Still Means Danger is what happens when an already reckless and savage band is left completely to their own devices. To prove we’re not bluffing we’ve got an exclusive premiere of “Bastard Soldiers” by this mean Catalonian horde.

First, here’s what the band themselves have to say about the track:

‘Bastard Soldiers’ is a song that speaks about all these bastards dressed in black who fight in league with Satan, with the only flag of Metal and against the world. Attack, bastard soldiers, under the evil sign, attaaaaack!!!

Get Metal Still Means Danger from Unholy Prophecies on January 1st, 2017.