Full Album Stream: Eternal Deformity Bend Genres On ‘No Way Out’

Eternal Deformity’s latest album is here to listen to, and it’s a doozy. The Polish outfit find a base in doom but No Way Out draws from an impressive array of sounds. 

Hints of avant garde, progressive metal and even death and black metal make their way onto the album. No Way Out ultimately feels grandiose and captivating from start to finish. 
Give the album a listen now and keep reading for comments from the band. 

“We’ve been saying it a lot by the occasion of releasing this album but No Way Out is definitely the most important stop during our musical journey,” the band collectively says. “We are all really happy, especially our guitar players, with the sound we’ve managed to achieve. Guitars were in fact the foundation during the arranging and making of the album process. They are the core of every composition apart from ‘Mothman’ of course which is composed by our keyboard player.

The other thing which we really wanted to make right were the lyrics. We wanted them to be connected and bonded by a main theme which we decided to be conspiracy theories. They are in a way soaked with politics as we do pay attention to what’s going on around us we are deeply concerned about what the nearest future may bring.”

Temple of Torturous will release No Way Out on November 18. Preorder it here