Conjunto de Guerra: Sacrificio loose “La Sombra en la Ciénaga”

After their eponymous declaration of war in 2014, Madrid’s Sacrificio finally reëmerge from the dungeon bearing a full length album aptly titled Guerra Eterna. Judging only from the album’s first track, “La Sombra en la Ciénaga,”—which we’ve got the exclusive premiere for—the time was well spent for this trio of arcane black metal conservationists.

While bands like Sacrificio remind us of where we came from, this Spanish trio distinguish themselves from their elders and their peers alike by expertly balancing subtle innovation and passionate execution. Clearly indebted to a bygone era, yet Sacrificio sound more timeless than anachronistic. A band whose legacy is archaic and barbarous no matter what era they’re from.

Here’s what the band has to say about “La Sombra en la Ciénaga.”

You crossed the life frontier
Walked the path of no return
Your bones in the bottom of the swamp
A mantle of darkness eternal swallows you . . .

Get Guerra Eterna as early as December 9th from Iron Bonehead and Nuclear War Now!.