Track Premiere: Départe Explores Isolation on ‘Ruin’

Fear is a powerful emotion, one that can be harnessed and turned into music, as Départe have done on “Ruin,” the closer to their upcoming album, Failure, Subside

A direct continuation of “Vessel,” a previously released song from Failure, Subside, “Ruin” creates an intense sense of quiet isolation that dances between brooding emptiness and busy double kick sections.

Départe had this to say about the new song: 

“’Ruin’ is one of the album’s slower, more introspective tracks, ebbing and flowing between suffocating intensity and disquieting stillness, and ending on an epic, emotive post metal crescendo – making it an obvious choice for us to draw the album to a close. Lyrically, the song deals with the crushing emotional weight of isolation, the terror of being lost, adrift in seemingly unending upheaval, and the solace found in escaping the smothering, choking grip of fear.” 

Season of Mist will release Failure, Subside on October 14. Preorders are available here