Video Premiere: We Alert You to the Insanity of Insanity Alert

There are few things Innsbruck, Austria has going for it: it’s an internationally recognized home for killer skiing and winter sports, beautiful old world architecture, lots of potent beer and even more fattening food. Bringing up the rear of the “trambahn” are local (with some added Dutch flavour) clown kings of crossover, Insanity Alert. The quartet has been a beer-drinkin’, skateboardin’, mosh-pittin’ entity that worships in the funhouse built by Municipal Waste, D.R.I. and S.O.D. since 2011 and next week sees the release of their second full-length, Moshburger (produced by Holy Moses’ Andy Classen and mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind). Beholden as they are to crossover/thrash basics, expect the expected in terms of sound, style and what they’re saying in songs like “The Times are A-Thrasin’,” “Wake and Bake,” “March of the Mentally Ill” and “Metal Punx Never Die!”

Below, we present the band’s newest video (“Why is David Guetta Still Alive”), a new song (the aforementioned “The Times are A-Thrashin’”) and a host of their prolific visual offerings from the past couple of years. As well, a few rounds of the game of “Or/Or” with vocalist Kevin “Heavy Kevvy” Stout. Our European readers will note the tour dates for a run with Dust Bolt that commences next week, so come on out and join the party. Bring your own lobster hands and Kraft Dinner.

S.O.D. or M.O.D.?

S.O.D. – cause Ian‘s the Law!

Pizza or burgers?


Municipal Waste or Iron Reagan?

Face the Waste, legends of our time, reanimators of a subgenre

Longboards or skateboards?

Life’s too short for longboards, duh…

Anthrax or Nuclear Assault?

Since our guitar player once won a Dan Lilker Look-alike contest, we have to pick both!

Beer or Whiskey?

A beer in the bar is better than a whiskey in the jar.

Metallica or Megadeth?

Ask Havok…Ride the Lightning!

French fries with ketchup or mayonnaise?

It’s all in the mix! But mayonnaise is the universal sauce

Skiing or snowboarding?

Ski or die!

Andrei Bouzikov or James Callahan?

Andrei’s work on our last album was really amazing, but James really took the bun on this one! 

Holy Moses or Toxic Holocaust?

Sorry Andy Classen, but we have to go with Toxic Holocaust. Overdose Of Death is one of our all-time favorite albums!

Suicidal Tendencies’ skeleton skater or D.R.I.’s skanker man?

After our D.R.I. adaption above we have to choose skanker man of course!

Body Count or Ice-T?

Body Count!

Comic books or Graphic novels?

I just wanted to sit in my big chair and play SNES.


Watching the Toxic Avenger on VHS is the only way to go

Macaroni with fake orange cheese or fake white cheese?

If it’s fake, it should also look like a fake – orange! Dutch pride

Bay Area thrash or Teutonic thrash? 

As much as we love Sodom, Destruction and all this bands, the Bay Area Thrash Bands influenced us even more and were one of the main reasons for starting a band!

(All dates w/Dust Bolt)

29.09.16 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben

30.09.16 DE – Köln / Underground

01.10.16 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser

02.10.16 DE – Cham / L.A.Eventhalle

15.10.16 CH – Luzern / Metal Scar Festival

21.10.16 DE – Mannheim / 7er Club

22.10.16 DE – Kaufbeuren / Juze

28.10.16 AT – Leoben / Spectrum

03.11.16 AT – Wien / Das Bach

05.11.16 DE – Balingen / Sonnenkeller

10.11.16 DE – Berlin / Cassiopeia

11.11.16 DE – Münster / This Charming Man Festival

12.11.16 AT – Dornbirn / Schlachthaus

25.11.16 AT – Innsbruck / Weekender

26.11.16 IT – Milano / Blue Rose Saloon

26.12.16 DE – München / Backstage Werk