Full Album Stream: Lotus Thief – ‘Gramarye’

At first glance, Lotus Thief seems like a lot to take in. A post-black metal group of Otrebor and Bezaelith (of Botanist fame) and Iva Toric, Lotus Thief’s music blends inspiration from ancient texts across time with elements of black metal, space rock and ambient sound. It’s a big undertaking, but on Gramarye, Lotus Thief’s second album, the band pulls it off in a big way. 

Gramarye is five songs of vibrant soundscapes, accented by floating vocals. Drawing inspiration from texts that span history, Gramarye sees Lotus Thief bring to life works like the Egyptian The Book of the Dead and Aleister Crowley’s The Book of Lies, as well as Homer’s Odyssey and others. 

After you listen to the album, keep reading for comments from Bezaelith about the album and its meaning. 

Gramarye is based on a collective history of belief. The record deals with texts focused on sorcery and the afterlife, spanning two thousand years. The texts themselves vary in culture and civilization but cohere in representing forces of human belief and in conjuration of otherworldly ideas. Whereas Rervm was an ode to human science and empiricism, Gramarye is an opus for human belief.”

Gramarye released today on Prophecy Productions, so you can grab a copy of the album now.