For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of Grace

‘Sup, fools? I got some new stuff comin’ atcha… well mostly. It’s all new stuff, it’s just that one of my reviews is a teaser so… bear (or bird) with me here.

Recent Decibel cover stars Neurosis have just released their 11th studio album – and that’s not even counting their work with Tribes of Neurot! The band is being VERY tight lipped about Fires Within Fires, and the only thing they’ve released before today is a teaser clip. This isn’t even really out for review yet, so, we’re just going to go off of the teaser here. Man, this is ripping so far, all the elements of the band are here, ambient pieces give way into dark, brooding passages, into heavy screams and pummeling riffs. This is the sixth with producer Steve Albini, and pluck my feathers, those drums sound AMAZING. Just from this teaser, this is promising to be a great release. Let’s just hope that at only five tracks, the record doesn’t get boring as the tracks are probably pretty long. I doubt it, let’s just say that it’s not, shall we? Fucking Pecks TBD! 

Trap Them are coming out the gate hard with Crown Feral on Prosthetic. I’ve always loved Trap Them and Crown Feral doesn’t disappoint. It’s not perfect, mind you. This is not the barn burner that is needed in the wake of Nails’ “hiatus.” This is good, and the riffs and ferocity are there, but there’s something a little lacking in production. There’s a distinct lack of low end and the drums don’t sound that great or are too high in the mix, or both. Again, I have to state that the riffs ARE here and it’s a slight departure riff-wise from previous efforts, which gives this thing some legs. Is it intense? Grind, punk, sludge and rock all mixed into one package, so yeah, it’s intense, but the production here could be a little be better. 7 Fucking Pecks.

The Sword have a new record called Low Country and it’s basically an acoustic interpretation of their last studio full length, High Country. I can’t say I don’t like this; I can say that I don’t love this. This is a real beak scratcher. I mean, it’s cool and all, but unless you are a fan, is this necessary? I mean the Sword are a cool band, and High Country was a cool record, but I dunno. I’m having a hard time hating on it, because some of the songs translate really well here, it just seems like there’s not a real need for this release. I like sad old-man-drinking music, and this comes close, but… 4 Fucking Pecks.

That’s all, folks…