Track Premiere: Hierophant – “Forever Crucified”

Hierophant has a sound that marries hardcore, grindcore and death metal. The end result is “Forever Crucified,” an explosive outburst at the world around the band. 

The second song off of the Italian noisemakers’ upcoming album, Mass Grave, “Forever Crucified” grabs you by the throat and holds on tight for 80 chaotic seconds. 

The anger in “Forever Crucified” comes from the world and its expectations (and the inability to meet them), as Hierophant explains.

“”Forever Crucified” deals with the impossibility to connect with the outside world and to conform to its nonsense rules. It’s like a burst of blind anger. There’s no target, purpose or any attempt to rationalize it. The music and the lyrics are like a bullet shot into the unknown with the sole purpose to hurt.”

Mass Grave comes out November 4 on Season of Mist, with preorders available here