Track Premiere: Fuzz Evil – “Bring Them Through”

Fuzz Evil hasn’t been shy about drenching their riffs and songs in fuzz in the past, and here’s some more good news: they aren’t stopping now. On “Bring Them Through,” the psychedelic doom/stoner rockers stick to what they do best. 

The riffs lead the listener through a psychedelic progression on “Bring Them Through,” rounded out by trancelike vocals and guitar solo. Arizona’s self-proclaimed bringers of the “fuzzapocalypse” pay their respects to the forebearers of the genre like Black Sabbath and The Stooges, but Fuzz Evil are plenty impressive in their own respect. 

“I have always loved to tell stories with my lyrics, and “Bring Them Through” has been one of the darker concepts. It is about two lovers who were killed in the early 1800’s and they only way they can be together is when they are brought through by a séance,” guitarist/vocalist Wayne Rudell explains. 

Once you find your way back from the psychedelic journey, you can preorder Fuzz Evil’s debut full-length, Fuzz Evil, here for a September 30 release date on Battleground Records