Holy fucking hell.

Fatalist isn’t just back from the grave — the Ventura, California death-grinders blew up the whole goddamn field on their way out the cemetery gates.

Decibel is honored to present an exclusive stream of a insanely blistering track from the band’s mind-blowing upcoming album The Bitter End, out 9/23 via FDA Rekotz. (Preorder packages here.)

Below the (ever flowing) stream check out what guitarist/bassist/engineer Neil Burkdoll had to say about the Fatalist resurrection and “Aberration”…

Fatalist broke up in Feb 2012 as I was totally burnt out and wanted to concentrate on my other band P.O.O.R. at that time. In early summer of 2014, I wrote and recorded the music for ten new songs. I wasn’t sure what name they would be released under, but I knew they were Fatalist songs. After not speaking for a few years, Wes Caley and I put our differences aside and decided to work on a new Fatalist album on our own terms. Wes wrote the music for five songs and we completely recorded eleven of our sixteen songs with programmed drums. In the fall of 2014, we released the six song Promo 2014 demo to shop for labels. No one knew we had been working on new songs, so it surprised most people that we were back. Within an hour of posting the songs online, FDA Rekotz had sent a contract. We signed and worked on the album over the next year whenever Wes was back in town. Since the whole album was already recorded to a click and programmed drums, we needed a drummer who could track live drums over a click. Griffin Figueroa was suggested by John Haddad and he learned all eleven songs over a few months. In Oct of 2015, Griffin and I met at Trench Studios and tracked drums over two days. It was odd because the first time I heard his parts was while he was actually tracking. There was no band practice of any kind and the 3 of us were never in the same room at one time. John Haddad mixed/mastered the album and it’s been finished since January 2016. The album cover was done by Skirill, who also did the cover for the Promo 2014 demo we released.

“Aberration” is a good representation of the album since it sort of has all sides to what we do. It has the faster classic Swedish style verses, and the melodic middle solo section, but also the slower ending that also shows our heavier side. Even though I wrote the music to this song and Wes wrote the lyrics, we both felt that this was a good example of what the album has to offer. The album is a good mix of the slower mid tempo songs that we are known for, but this time Wes wrote a bunch of very fast songs that we never did in the past. It was exciting to have a wider variety of styles on the album and we are pretty proud of The Bitter End.