Now – Ahem – Streaming: Cemetery Piss return with ‘Astral Souls’

Cemetery Piss has been making waves (and noise) for a few years now. The Baltimore thrash/black metal group has put out multiple shorter releases, but Cemetery Piss has finally unveiled the first taste of their debut full-length album, Order of the Vulture.

“Astral Souls” is on the longer end of the songwriting spectrum for Cemetery Piss, clocking in at a few seconds over four minutes. When the assault on your eardrums isn’t coming from the song’s driving riff, it’s coming from the double bass and piercing screams.

The production value on “Astral Souls” is a lot better, too; don’t worry, it still has plenty of crunch and distortion, but it’s definitely a higher quality than Rest in Piss or Such the Vultures Love.

“Cemetery Piss started back in 2011 as a side project from Dirck and I’s psych punk band Vincent Black Shadow,” explains the band’s Adam Savage. “Fueled by a mutual appreciation for cheap red wine, fine cured meats, Bathory, Darkthrone, Iggy & the Stooges we swiftly recorded our Rest In Piss demo along with the help of Akai, our drum machine. Now with four Vultures in our wake, with the addition of Rebecca Chernoff on bass and Derrick Hans on drums, we present the Order of the Vulture LP on Cricket Cemetery. We hope this altar of death, perversion and celestial desecration satisfies your lust! Fuck your way to hell!”

Order of the Vulture is due out digitally on September 2 through Cricket Cemetery, with a vinyl release expected later in the month. You can preorder the album here.