Make Your Next House Party a Thrashing Rager with the September 2016 Decibel Meter

In April we announced our partnership with f.y.e for the Decibel Meter, a monthly collection of titles featured both online and in store to beef up your metal collection. This month’s picks feature more than enough ammunition to turn your metal-driven house parties into suitable kitchen demolitions your landlord will never forget. Said list, pertaining to the September 2016 issue with Juan Brujo of Brujeria on the cover, can be found here.

Subgenre-definers Paradise Lost and Carcass are represented with both their most recent albums: the return-to-deathly-growling The Plague Within and return-to-metal Surgical Steel (our pick for the best album of 2013), which are sure to get your guests raging. Ghoul’s Dungeon Bastards is a must-have for thrash/crossover fiends who enjoying a splatter-driven good time; dB Tour thrashers Skeletonwitch’s EP The Apothic Gloom, their first with new vocalist, which is sure to inspire some wind-milling; bruising metallic hardcore to knock out some new windows with Ringworm’s Snake Church; and words from the weird with Kayo Dot’s Plastic House. Close out the evening with a more contemplative/conversational album with SubRosa’s For this We Fought the Battle of Ages, which provides a more slower yet no less crushing listen. See the rest here. 

Hence, if your CD player or turntable is in need of some extra muscle to drive your guests to air guitarring, or to punch holes in the walls, head straight to the nearest f.y.e location to grab these titles in person, or over to the Decibel Meter page at f.y.e.’s website, to stockpile immediately.