For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Waxes Brazilian

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s your old boy Waldo coming atcha with a bi-weekly batch of new goodies. Hey, I MIGHT actually like some of this stuff, but who knows? Do YOU? You will…

First of all, we have something from Profound Lore, which typically has a good track record. SubRosa’s For This We Fought the Battle of Ages is no exception. I REALLY wanted to not like this, as this sorta thing isn’t typically my scene, but this is pecking cool. For those of you that don’t know (which you should if you’ve ever read Decibel) SubRosa is a sludge/doom band that has HEAVY dream pop influences. Imagine, a stark heavy doom band mixed with My Bloody Valentine. In some circles, this is considered “hipster” doom, and while this birdbrain thinks that tag is unfair, this isn’t “metal” in the traditional sense. This is heavy, dark, brooding and not in a gothy way. The production on this gives it some breadth and lends to the overall feeling of openness going on. I beaking like this. Beware, this isn’t for everybody, but it should be. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Helms Alee is releasing Stillicide, their new one on Sargent House. What does one say about this band? Not unlike the Melvins (who they are currently on tour with), Helms Alee play a sort of mix up, of doom, rock and general ear-fuckery. The first rat to be smelled here is that the production just isn’t really “present”—it’s not bad, just should be more in your face. This rocks, and can’t be tagged or fit neatly into any box. It’s weird, nerdy music. So, here’s the real meat to this review: the record is cool, and rocks and is a little weird. So, like I KNOW I’ve already said those things, so if this is your bag baby, then definitely check this out. 6 Fucking Pecks.

I’m not really trying to get too much into re-releases, but I’m beaking digging the reissue of the classic Rotting by Sarcófago on Grey Haze. This is an old-school Brazilian death/thrash/proto black metal masterpiece. This is REAL deal here—these dudes bash it out and hard. The production is what you’d expect, kinda sounds… uh, not all that great, but really, really makes this thing feel exactly like what it is, and what it is is brutal, kvlt as fvck early black metal with hooks. I mean, this is awesome. Check out the riff at 5:15. BROOTAL. 8 Fucking Pecks.