The End begins on ‘Inhale the Plague’

Rick Rozz’s death metal resume isn’t too shabby. He played on Death’s Leprosy, as well as Massacre’s From Beyond and Inhuman Condition. Not content to rest on his legacy, Rozz has returned with a new band, The End, and single. 

“Inhale the Plague” is reminiscent of classic old school death metal led by Rozz’s guitar. The lineup is filled out with drummer Mike Mazzonetto from Massacre and Michael Grim (Death Before Dying) on bass and vocals. The song will be a part of the Floridians’ forthcoming EP, Age of Apocalypse. 

“Generations embattled in a bestial rage, unwilling to surrender they inhale the plague,” says Rozz about the new single. 

If that taste of The End has you onboard, you’ll be able to hear Age of Apocalypse on FDA Rekotz, due out September 23.