Full Stream: Swamp Witch – ‘The Slithering Bog’

What happens when you mix suffocating death/doom with hallucinogenic elements and lyrics about derealization then remaster it for vinyl? You get Swamp Witch’s haunting The Slithering Bog

Released on cassette last year, The Slithering Bog moves slowly but heavily, accented by echoing growls and slow, oftentimes psychedelic, guitars. It’s an album that just feels creepy, in the best way. 

Swamp Witch had this to say about the album and the weird feelings it may cause: “Emphasized on tracks like opener ‘Strange Cults’ and the grim pursuit that is ‘The Marsh of Delusion,’ the psychedelia evoked here is offset by a painful and toiling Death/Doom; nasty, alienating tempos filled with otherworldly visions.  Although description of this style range may seem conflicting, the lyrical themes involving psychosis and derealization create an obvious connection and intention between any supposed opposition of sound. The sound Swamp Witch presents here is involved with channeling a period of doom, before it broke big, that wasn’t needlessly defined by subgenres- it’s all dark and heavy. The end result of almost two years writing proved worthy, as warped landscapes and fungal textures resting somewhere between dream-like and sleep paralysis culminated into The Slithering Bog.’”

After you’ve been crushed and tripped out by the album, you can preorder The Slithering Bog on Tribunal of the Axe.