R&D: The effects of Spire’s “Ends” on unsuspecting listeners

With their debut album, Entropy, the mysterious Australian outfit known as Spire have crafted an album that both soars high above the crowd and tunnels deep beneath the surface. Following two underground EPs (the most recent, 2011’s Metamorph, having been re-issued by Iron Bonehead) and a split with their compatriot Midnight Odyssey, Entropy, also backed by IBP, will see the light of day August 19th.

The premiere in question, “Ends,” is Entropy’s opening track. For a band so introspective, Spire spend zero ado in demonstrating what they’re all about. Didgeridoo-sounding vocals spiral up from the madly descending tower. Outbursts of black metal cloaked in delay. Cryptomnesic textures borne by the guitars but coming from somewhere further beyond that which can be handled by humans. Seemingly disparate elements wage harmonious battle that sounds less natural than primordial. Without failing to mention that growing sound. It’s as if the track isn’t simply moving from beginning to end, but that “Ends” provides a brief sample of a song that moves in all directions at once and plays ad infinitum.

One of the shadowy figures within Spire says:

“Entropy begins at its end(s). Introspection at a glance reveals a wonderfully blinding array of potential. However, upon closer scrutiny the facade crumbles and the void is revealed.”

August 19th, Entropy comes out on both CD and LP from Iron Bonehead Productions. Artwork by Ryan Thompson.

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