Smell the ‘Musk’ On A Raw Summer Night

The sweaty reality of late July no doubt has you reaching for your Speed Stick or Old Spice. Fortunately, your friends at Decibel have a cure for the malodorous days of summer. We’re streaming a new track from the scuzzy Oakland punk band Musk.

Musk was born more than a half a decade ago and slowly materialized: “Ringleader Chris Owen and punker scribe Mitch Cardwell had the notion of starting an Aberrant records-style band – hairy knuckled Oz punk with very few chord changes – called Musk. They did not take, however, into consideration Mitch’s lack of musical ability (not even the good kind of lack of musical ability). “

Fortunately, Musk practiced enough to finally get things together and are now ripping in fine form. Check out “Raw Nite” below, taken from their album The Second Skumming, due from 12XU on August 19.