Toothgrinder’s “Coeur d’Alene” Clip Is Better Than a Lyric Video, We Guess

Have you ever wondered what a Toothgrinder live performance looks like? How about the Toothgrinder merch table? Or what the Toothgrinder aftershow breakdown and load-out experience is truly all about? You have? Well, prepare to have your MIND TOTALLY BLOWN, you fucking weirdo! Because the band’s new video for the track “Coeur D’alene” showcases all of that and more! OK, it’s pretty much only what we mentioned. There might be shots of their tour manager and venue bathroom in the director’s cut, but until then, we’ll just let vocalist Justin Matthews fill you in on the much more interesting song itself.

“Sonically, ‘Coeur D’alene’ is one of the more fun songs on the record. The bouncy groove and tempo keeps all of us moving through out its duration. We have always tried to keep this bit in our live set for those reasons a lone. Lyrically it helped develop the vibe for the rest of the record. The song questions wanderlust, stability and independence. These, all of which are reoccurring themes on the record.”

“Coeur D’alene” is taken from Toothgrinder’s Nocturnal Masquerade, which is available from Spinefarm records now