Gojira grace the cover of Decibel’s August issue. Copies available.

Ten years ago, Gojira’s third album From Mars to Sirius was named one of Decibel’s top ten albums of the year. Their following two albums cracked Decibel’s Top 40 list, too; in 2008 with The Way of All Flesh, and again in 2012 with L’enfant sauvage. Now the band of prescient and environmentally-conscious Frenchmen graces the cover of our August 2016 issue. Get yourself a copy and read all about Gojira’s highly anticipated new album Magma.

Besides the Gojira cover story by our own Daniel Lake, the August 2016 issue includes a Hall of Fame for Dropdead’s self-bootlegged eponymous comp, story by Greg Pratt; a Q&A with one Mr. Matt Harvey on Gruesome and the meaning of death metal; an emotional edition of Metal Muthas featuring Bonnie Fell, the mother of Cobalt’s Charlie Fell. As if that weren’t enough you’ll get to read all about Decibel‘s exploits at Maryland Death XIV. And Deluxe subscribers get a SubRosa flexi disc of their (mind-blowing) song “Key of the Eidolon.” Plus a recap of the recent Decibel Tour with none other than the headliner himself, Abbath, and much more.

The Gojira cover issue will hit newsstands at the end of the month, but you can always secure a copy right here.

Magma is available now from Roadrunner Records.