Finnish Hymn!: Vainaja stream death/doom crusher “Risti”

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Finnish Metal is all the rage the week! So, it’s only appropriate that we should showcase Vainaja, who bring the rage and the misery with their unique brand of Finnish death/doom, to close out Thursday’s Decibel proceedings. 

“Risti” is taken from the band’s six-track sophomore LP Verenvalaja, which apparently translates into “blood caster,” which isn’t entirely helpful until you learn that it’s also the title of a book, presumably written by a mystic figure of Finnish folklore named Wilhelm Waenaa, who is considered a leading force behind the 19th century cult of Vainaja, which spread terror in rural Finland.

See, now it all makes sense! Kind of. Whatever, just get your soul-immolating death/doom on below. 

Verenvalaja will be released on Svart Records May 27, but is available for preorder here.