Ain't it a beaut? Don't let its pretty appearance fool you, though. This demo will kill you!
Ain’t it a beaut? Don’t let its pretty appearance fool you, though. This demo will kill you!

Welcome to another installment of DEMO:LISTEN, your weekly peek into the future of underground metal. Whether it’s death, grind, black, doom, sludge, heavy,  progressive, stoner, retro, post-, etc. we’re here to bring you the latest demos from the newest bands. On this week’s DEMO:LISTEN we expose you to a virulent strain of deadly Canadian fungus known as . . .


How about some brand new, but no less rotten Canadian death metal to get killed by? How does a demo soaked in the quarter-century-old blood, sweat and tears of some morbid and stoned Finnish teens sound? Sound like something you’re into? Listen up then because Toronto’s Tomb Mold need your skull to finish constructing their throne of death.

Regarding the origins of this horrid assembly known as Tomb Mold, guitarist/bassist Derrick Vella divulges:

We were especially drawn to the aesthetic of some of those [early Finnish] demos, especially the Convulse and Demilich tapes. We also really love bands like Purtenance, and Rippikoulu. They’re just so pummelling and atmospheric. Not a lot of frills. . . .

Couldn’t have said it better myself! But let’s get one thing straight: correlation does imply causation. For example: “From Canada + Inspired by Finnish DM ≠ Jocking Chthe’ilist.” Tomb Mold sound like Chthe’ilist like Morte Incandescente sound like Black Cilice. AKA Not one bit. Yet while not sounding like Chthe’ilist, necessarily, Tomb Mold’s “The Bottomless Perdition” tape gives me the same kind of chilly-willies that Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth (Chthe’ilist’s demo) once did, and still totally does. Anyway, sonically speaking, “The Bottomless Perdition” is more reminiscent of another recent insta-classick demo: Necrotic Doom by Spectral Voice.

Despite how hooves-down killer “The Bottomless Perdition” is, the two dudes who make up Tomb Mold (that’s Vella plus drummer/vocalist Max Klebanoff) allegedly had no idea that their 60 home-dubbed cassettes would move so quickly. When I press him about a repress, Vella says:

Repress the demo? We might have to. We didn’t think we would run out this quick so maybe if we do a second tape we will repress the first at the same time. We have a batch of new songs we are excited about.

But there remains hope for at least some of you demo hoarders out there, for copies of “The Bottomless Perdition” are on the way to Caligari and Anthems of the Undesirable as you read this. Who knows but they may be there already? And if by chance they’ve already sold out of their copies and you totally missed out on this killer demo you can always write to your local underground death metal label and insist that they sign Tomb Mold and reissue their demo! In the meantime, cast yourself into “The Bottomless Peridition!”

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