Reunited: Eucharist Announces One-Off Live Event

Swedish melodic death metallers Eucharist have announced a reunion show to take place on April 16 in Varberg, Sweden (or, in the event you can’t make it to Sweden, there is a different, head-crushing death metal event happening on the same day). If at this point you’re asking “Who is this band I’ve never heard of playing a one-off show that I can’t attend, and why should I care?” read on.

This particular event (which features seven other reuniting bands) finds its way onto your computer/phone screen because Eucharist released a standout, criminally-underated, this-should-be-a-classic album. Their 1993 debut A Velvet Creation (mentioned in the essential discography of Choosing Death), shreds somewhere between At the Gates and Dissection, a shining example of how when melody and death metal are mixed in equal parts the results can be startling. Startling in the manner that necessitates headbanging, that is, and not the irresistible urge to smash something (i.e. the previously discussed computer/phone screen).

For those unfamiliar with Eucharist, the band offers their discography for free download at their website, including the you-should’ve-heard-this record A Velvet Creation. Fans of early Swedish melodic death metal may be further impressed by the presence of Daniel Erlandsson, who has kept time with such household extreme metal names as Arch Enemy, Brujeria, Carcass, and In Flames. You can keep up with Eucharist via their recently rejuvenated Facebook.

If you happen to be in Sweden in mid April, tickets for the event can be purchased here. Further information on the event can be found on the Facebook event page.