STREAMING: Exumer “Catatonic”

We were tempted to post a mid-’80s photo of German thrashers Exumer. But, alas, this would be a misrepresentation of the reality of time. Actually, that’s not entirely true. For the better part of two decades Exumer has parlayed Euro-centric thrash into solid gold. That’s right, from 1985 to 2016, the Germans have transcended time and trends to make what is arguably the best thrash album to hit the public since Exodus’ Force of Habit.

New album, The Raging Tides, represents Exumer’s second album since coming back from the dead in 2008. It’s a non-stop fist-banger with riffs that cut like razors and vocals that punish hard. There’s no posing here. There’s no day-glo either. Exumer are unapologetically intense, a trait that has more in common with vintage Kreator than Lääz Rockit, which is a good thing if heavy thrash is part of your daily metal diet.

Let’s transform Hump Day into Riff Day, courtesy of Exumer’s “Catatonic”!

** Exumer’s new album, The Raging Tides, is out January 26th, 2016 on Metal Blade Records. For some wicked classic thrash, Exumer’s pre-order is HERE. Do it now before Exumer put you six feet under.