Feastem and Teething Deliver Seven Inches of Grind

I was first introduced to Finland’s Feastem by Misery Index bassist/vocalist and friend of Decibel, Jason Netherton. During a recent tour of the U.S. and Canada, on which Misery Index was providing direct support to Hate Eternal, it seemed that every other night Netherton’s stage garb included a shirt from said band. I was eventually informed the object of his sartorial selection was a Finnish grind band with a decade’s worth of history, a pretty healthy discography and a pedigree that includes ex-members of Afgrund and Rapture. The quartet from the west coast town of Raahe have a new split 7” with Teething available via another friend of Decibel, Every Day Hate Records which also has releases coming down the proverbial pipe from G.O.D., Mesrine and the Kill. Ironically enough, this is the first time my earholes are actually getting to experience the plutonium-powered grind punk of Feastem. As for Teething, I admittedly know even less about them outside of the fact that they hail from Spain and they like old Napalm Death. They do have some hilariously sweet t-shirt designs available though. I’ve taken the liberty of displaying a few at the bottom of this post. As a way of introduction of this 7”, Andy at EDH sent a short quote/blurb on the topic:

“Spain’s superb hardcore punk misfits clash with Finland’s finest grindcore deviants on this unforgivingly brutal split 7” that’s going to pummel you into submission from the very first notes. Take a deep breath because this record will suck the air out of your room with it’s six tracks of the most stupidly heavy, furiously fast and absurdly aggressive hardcore grind violence. Ever.”

So, prepare to have the air sucked out of your room, which for most of you is probably a good thing. 

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