Game On: Sweat Lodge’s “Bed of Ashes” Video Premiere

More bands should play in arcades. If you suck, at least I can plug 25 cents into Ms. Pac-Man and have something else to do for a half-hour. Luckily, suck is not a problem for Austin-based Sweat Lodge, who do proto-metal right on forthcoming LP Talismana (Ripple Music). “Bed of Ashes” is one of the most propulsive tracks on the record, and the video is below. Pre-order the CD here and the vinyl here.

“The song itself is kind of a sarcastic play on falling in love too quick and getting burned,” says vocalist Cody Johnston. “Bliss through ignorance. Burning out instead of fading out, breaking hearts and breaking your own. Like most of the bands in Austin, Sweat Lodge is a product of a diverse, fostered music scene. The Grand, where we shot the video, is our local haunt and a crossroads for the Austin underground. We didn’t really want go conceptual; we just wanted to show how rad the characters and shows are on a nightly basis in this town. We let the directors [Kash Powers] have full creative control in post-production, and we really dug the cuts and flash graphics! Our new album Talismana and the video for ‘Bed of Ashes’ have been awhile in the making, and we’re stoked to be dropping it with Decibel!”