BM Duo Funeste Let the Bad Times Roll on “Hilkhot Avodat Kokhavim”

Montreal black metal duo Funeste obviously derive great pleasure from inflicting pain. The whirlwind that is “Hilkhot Avodat Kokhavim” is beset with unearthly howls and hollow blasting atop, between and amongst thickets of pealing guitar, making for a disorienting experience even without the sample that pops in unannounced like an asshole neighbor. The fledgling Black Element Productions will be releasing Funeste’s debut EP Le Triomphe du Charnier (mixed by Colin Marston of Gorguts and Krallice fame) in mid-September. Get excited — and terrified — courtesy of this first taste. 

According to the band, “‘Hilkhot Avodat Kokhavim’ explores themes about modern-day false idolatry. Where material belongings, media and fame are becoming more important than good morals, education and open-mindedness.” Preorders of the EP are available here.