CONTEST: Peter Pan Speedrock LP Giveaway

Post-holiday Monday blues dragging you down? Self Destructo Records has a quick fix in the form of a giveaway of the vinyl LP of Dutch rock cult Peter Pan Speedrock – who recently announced their annual Speedfest, featuring Napalm Death, Carcass, Obituary, Voivod, and Pro-Pain. 

If the band’s name leaves you scratching your head, Self Destructo included the following: “For the first time in a decade, The Netherlands longest running trio of  balls out/motherfuckering rock n’ roll, Peter Pan Speedrock, have serviced their North America fanbase with their latest offering entitled Buckle Up And Shove It! released on CD and limited vinyl by Self Destructo Records.  Thirteen tracks that encompass the heavieness of Motorhead, the speed and ferocity of Zeke along with the swagger of The Damned.” 

Sample “Murdertruck” below, and for a shot at winning Buckle Up And Shove It!, email us at with what you think Peter Pan has to do with speed rock, or really any type of rock. Buckle Up and Shove It! can be purchased through Self Destructo Records here.